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You go to my head like a sip of sparkling Burgundy brew [entries|friends|calendar]
Lisa Marie

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i'm doing pretty well [April 15, 2006 || 9:12pm]
sorry i haven't been here lately. i haven't really ever posted or read things, and thats not good. i just look at oh no they didn't...b/c as cindy and i both know, its the best community for celebrity gossip...or just the best one in general.

I was talking to my acting coach trudi (aka thereapist) about things and she said to me "wow, this seems to have been the best year for you"
& i realized she was so right. besides small unimportant things, everything is going great...i honestly don't think i could have asked for a better senior year.

i have probably the best friends in the world.
and i mean back with marching band season, we had the BEST freshman which made thebest section, and even tho we didn't get a 1 at state, we had an awesome season, and our music was so fun.
cheerleading was amazing this year. besides stupid drama, we all had a lot of fun & i was captain and we had a blast every game.
ARSENIC wow best play ever (i said play not musical) it was perfect, i mean everyone was perfect, and cappies loved it (and in a few weeks, we'll find out how much cappies liked it.) I think i really grew a lot as an actress during it. i mean my timing got better, and i think i did a pretty good job getting a character so different than myself. it was a personal success for me.
i had a really good birthday. after last year, i really thought that birthday's didn't matter, but then i had a great one. i got a surprise birthday dinner and a great day at school b/c of a lot of fantasmic people.
overtures i got in the semifinals which was awesome. I got my scores back from the round before semis and i got a 58, 56, and 53. the score is out of 60, and last year i got like 40s, and you need a 45 to qualify for semis, so...i did a good job. and i'm really proud of myself, b/c i don't do classical as much anymore.
...okay mock trial was kinda lame this year...but whatever, who cares.
my auditions all went well (besides my first roosevelt). at new school and new england, it was my first time singing with a trio like that, and i actually did pretty well-i mean i think i looked like i knew what i was doing like how i counted them off and explained the format and everything. and since i'd been working on my pieces for so long, it was awesome just to showcase them. my berklee audition went well too. i'd been working for my college auditions for so long and i realized that i was prepared and actually knew what i was doing.
& i had a blast going to my auditions (meaning hanging out in boston and new york). my sister and I got a weekend away from the chaoticness of cincinnati/school and went to new york. we had like the best time going shopping and walking around the city (and in my case, falling along the city - whiping out on a street corner). it was cool b/c the focus is usually always on my sister and her exciting life & it was so nice getting a look at what my life is going to be like w/ her - showing her the jazz club and walking around new school and going into a dorm. but, ahh, new school was awesome, but i was a bit thrown off by this woman w/ who thought that a little girl from the midwest wasn't ready for jazz and the big city (she does however love the leaves in cincinnati, oh yes, she couldn't stop talking about that)
Then my mom and i were in boston for about 4 days. we dunked some donuts (no, no, not doughnuts - donuts) and bought some lacoste couture. I also saw sam and met her boston friends whom shes obsseeessed with. & i fell in love with berklee.
and Once upon a mattress was perfect. i can't even discuss it b/c it was so great. i mean it was perfect for my voice and everything, but then it was a great cast & even though it sucked at times it honestly doesn't matter. b/c in the end, it was the best thing ever. eeeeevvveeerrrrrr.
& then i went to brazil & that was the best vaca off all time. i mean we had the city, the beach, the adventure (in the rain forest) & then the peopel were so nice and we made friends every place we went. and i was with my 2 best friends & my mom (& karas mom of course). it was so amazing.
& i've been working out everyday. good habits lisa, good job, good job.

and then i got into new school. & i realized that i was goig to leave little madeira and go to NYC to train to be a jazz singer. its just amazing. Its so good. everything for me is going great, its just the best the greatest the wooooooooo.

I really hope everyone else is doing well b/c for once, i'm so happy with everything. & i like it. duhh. haha i'm an idiot.

so yea, hope all is well

friends only... [May 17, 2004 || 12:40am]
[ mood | tired ]

Don't be sad. I'm nice. I'll add anyone who asks.
Comment and be added.

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